Message from President of Safari Boston Golf Club

IMG_2726Safari Boston Golf Club was set up as a golf networking services organization located in NE Bringing Golfers together to have fun, Engage golfers to fundraise and contribute to the society’s wellbeing, to introduce more people to golf, and help ‘grow the game’ within our community. Initially, the Safari Boston Golf club was established to promote social progress and development by stimulating interest in Golf within the Kenyan diaspora in NE and complement the activities of other social networks within the diaspora community already active in NE.

The impetus of the Safari Boston Golf club came from a group of people, originally from Kenya who have made US their home. Kenya is a great developing nation in the Eastern horn of Africa and is a work in progress to make a major mark on the international golf scene. In fact, over the years, the annual Kenya Open golf tournament has been part of the European PGA Tour. The founders of Safari Boston golf club are moved by their love for the game and the potentials for social progress it provides. We’ve now expanded to include members from Kenya, Haiti, Uganda, islands, Jamaica and fellow American brothers as we strive to stimulate interest in golf and promote a spirit of understanding and friendship among members of our entire community.

We’ve done great so far as Safari Boston golf club’s annual championship expands. As the best diaspora golf networking organization in NE, we bring golfers together to have fun & also to engage in fundraising & contributing to the society’s well-being. We want to keep growing & getting involved with charity work helps us to move in the right direction. We probably won’t be able to reach everybody in this world, but we’ll make a difference in people’s’ lives that we touch with our generosity.  We are a club that believes in fundraising, contributing to very worthy causes as a diaspora golfing society making a move in the right direction. Always great when we make a difference in people’s’ lives that we touch with our generosity. In the end, that’s what it’s all about — it’s about reaching out to people and giving back. It’s not like we have one foot out and one foot in, we are all in on this. In the year 2019, our members, never known to disappoint took a stab at two Charity golf tournaments and contributed to three great causes raising a total of $5,000 for charity. We plan to keep on making differences in people’s lives that we touch. Since 2016 Safari Boston Golf Club has donated $15,000 to charities, namely Flying Kites, Mighty Children Center of Siaya, Ubuntu Music Therapy, Wakenya Pamoja, and Peter Muhia Charity Trust Fund. For the year 2020, we’ve added another beneficiary; Uhai.

The Safari Boston Golf Club is the premier recreational golf league that brings the pro golf experience to the bogey golfer. Our goal is to offer a competitive and affordable, tournament-style golf league to the avid weekend golfer.  A series of tournaments played at different local golf courses allows the players to “tour” just like the pros.  The same tournaments are played year after year and the tour develops a history.  A unique and simple handicapping system allows all players to compete fairly with each other and gives all players an opportunity to win. Over the last three years, Safari Boston golf club has implemented and managed many competitions and tournaments to ensure golfers of all ages, gender, and playing ability have the opportunity to participate, take pleasure, and succeed in the game of golf via a commitment to promoting the game at a grassroots and club level. We are a golf league designed for the weekend golfer, both men, and women of all abilities, playing throughout the NE greater Boston region. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a weekend duffer, our league is for you.

Our mission is to provide Men and Women of various abilities the opportunity to play together amid a friendly atmosphere on a monthly basis. Our outings are designed for the average golfer who wants to get out and play golf on a regular basis to improve their game, play in a tournament setting and meet and socialize with other golfers.

What makes this golf league so unique is the quality of its venues, the organization, and the golfing enthusiasts that it attracts. If you have refined tastes, and are looking for reserved tee times at a wide variety of upscale facilities, and enjoy competition, Safari Boston Golf Club is your ticket. Bored of playing the same old course with the same people each week?  SBGC is your Amateur Tour, and each month, you can compete on the next stop on the SBGC Tour. You may start feeling like a kid, once again!!!

Our members only pay for events they choose to enter. You pay as you go, and you can play as many or as few events as you desire. Members can pick and choose which tournaments to play or play them all. The schedule with all the courses, times and costs is be posted for everyone’s convenience.  Safari Boston Golf Club is comprised of avid amateur golfers of a wide range of abilities, and the competition is handicapped by the Golf club. Monthly winners accrue points by merit during the Regular Season, and when it concludes, the accrued points are part of the consideration in the Member of Year award.  Our tournaments are geared to satisfying those who seek competition but can accommodate laid back weekend warriors.

At the moment the membership is increasing steadily, and we always do our best in making any new members feel welcome. We do pride ourselves as being a warm and friendly club. Sports have always been a vehicle for social progress and development. The game of golf, which has soared in popularity in recent times, is no exception. Golf displays many of the fine qualities people are respected and admired for. It gives the opportunity to develop and cultivate discipline, respect, drive, determination and uncountable other good qualities.

2020 will be our 9th season of operation with a schedule of 7 tournaments for the year beginning on April 25th, 2020 playing every second Saturday throughout the year until the second Saturday of October 2020. These tournaments are held on a variety of courses, from the smaller Executive style to the full-size courses in the Boston area. All of the selected courses are player-friendly to ensure that players of all abilities will have an enjoyable day.

Our goal is to build and improve upon our five-year success to make our Golf League one of the premier golf leagues in NE.

Even though our main objective is to have fun we will throw in a competitive aspect to the Club to make it interesting.

If you are looking for a golf league then join the Safari Boston Golf Club today!


Tony Ngari


Safari Boston Golf Club