Tony Ngari


Name: Tony Ngari

Current Residence: Boston

Birth Place: Nyeri, Kenya


Safari Boston’s favorite moment:

When a fellow golfer hit a ball that ricocheted backwards about 20 yards instead of the ball moving forward aka “magic shot.” Nothing will ever top that. Another moment was when we had J. C. Lapierre come to address our members in regards to the wonderful work Flying kites is doing to educate destitute children in Kenya thereby contributing to poverty alleviation from far away land.

Music: Reggae, jazz, classical & hip hop

Places/Country to Visit: Anywhere that I don’t speak the language, which is just about everywhere. I have a preference for Italy, Florida, California & Arizona.

Quote: “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong!” –Joseph Chilton Pearce.

NPO or Social/Environmental Cause:

I’m focused on social justice for those who are marginalized in our society & provision of education to all who are willing to learn.

Safari Boston’s BIO A little background…

I’m a Co-founder of Safari Boston Golf Club and I’ve worked in Sales management positions with MarketSource/ HP, Citizens Bank, ResponseLink to name but a few. I helped craft the clubs mission statement, write the first by-laws for the club, write articles in the media to highlight our club’s achievements to create awareness and have been involved in almost all aspects of the league club.

How long have I been on the BOD: Since 2015

Why am I passionate about Safari Boston Golf League Club?:

I remain a strong advocate & a true friend of golf, it’s immense ways of influencing the world in many superb ways via social responsibility activities that go beyond golf and our league club & by leading with progressive values towards achieving those goals. I believe in the importance of honoring all our golfers & the communities we live in as well as others in faraway lands – which includes those who we play & meet with at the golf course, organized charity organizations that we support, and those in our families who love us unconditionally. I’m proud of our unique history and golf league model, and I look forward to seeing how Safari Boston Golf club will inspire many other people to adopt more social responsible practices as they engage in golf & other fun activities. The exciting challenge is to keep that vision alive, operational, growing and real into the future.

What is my role/purpose on the BOD:

I chair the board and provide some historical memory, and along with my fellow board members have a deep connection to NGO groups dedicated to creating a more socially responsible and just world, provision of education to the marginalized & working with similar golf league clubs. I am honored to serve with my fellow board members. I believe we compliment and push each other to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of the founders and our golf club. I try my best to insure that golfers and all of our partners are considered when options are discussed.

What unique capabilities do I bring to Safari Boston Golf Club and the BOD?:

My long-term history as a Co-founder stands out, and the fact that I’ve been around while our understanding of how to run a values-led organization evolves over time. I helped craft the mission and by-laws statement, propelled the club to new heights, initiated contacts with charitable organizations like , Mighty Children Center, Flying Kites, Ubuntu Music Therapy, that we are currently working with, & other similar golf league clubs like Take G Down golf club for inter-club competition. I try to maintain those ideals as guiding principles, with a focus on linked prosperity. All in all, I’m at 7+  years and counting. That’s a lot of golfing.


A degree in BA with a major in Economics – 1997-UON

A degree in MBA with a major in Business Administration – 2004 -SNHU

A member of Cambridge who’s who

Current boards and organizations:

President  – Safari Boston Golf Club

Director – Kiama Kia Athuri Boston LLC

Treasurer – Wakenya Pamoja

National Marketing Director – KEMEN’S

Director – Kemen Capital LLC

CMO – Kemen Development Ltd

Marketing Director – Kemen Real Estate LLC

I’m currently practicing to run a full marathon someday.

I am happily married to Annie and have 2 terrific kids, Mimmi and Aiden.

I love to go camping with family and friends every yr & do some fishing too..