Golf outings


The staff at the Safari Boston Golf Club has been working tirelessly to ensure a great season of golf in 2017 by cementing the tournament schedule for our Quinquennial year of 2017, where we will be celebrating 5 solid years of golf competition in New England. We are proud to present the Safari Boston Golf Club Quinquennial tournament schedule below. Stay tuned for updates and dates in which you are able to confirm your participation!

The following are the dates set for the monthly mug tournaments for the year 2017:

04/29/2017 : Quinquennial Golf Championship & Gala ( Season Opener).

05/13/2017 : Founders Cup Open.

06/10/2017 : SBGC Open

07/08/2017 : Greater New England Open Invitational

08/12/2017 : Tournament of Champions Invitational

09/09/2017 : Flying Kites Difference Makers Open (Season Ender).

10/14/2017 : Inter club Team Championship Vs. Take G Down Club.


The following are the dates set for the monthly mug tournaments for the year 2016:
April – 04/30/2016 season opener – @Brookmeadow Country Club, Canton Ma – Safari Boston Go Low Season Opener Championship….read more
May – 05/14/2016 – @Robert Lynch, Brookline Ma. – Safari Boston Golf Perfect Drive more
June – 06/11/2016 – @Ridder Farm Golf & Country Club Ma – It’s Safari Boston Golf Time Invitational
July – 07/09/2016 – @Newton Commonwealth Golf Club Ma – Face Off Safari Open
August 08/13/2016 – @Pembroke Country Club Ma – Safari Hot Summer Golf Championship

September 09/10/2016 season ender – @Brookmeadow Country Club Ma – Flying Kites Difference Makers Open

October – 10/08/2016 – @Chemawa Golf Course Ma – Last Final Chance Invitational

Educate. Collaborate. Celebrate (SBGC, Flying Kites, Daraja Academy).