2017 Season Achievements

  • 2017 is SBGC’S Quinquennial year. SBGC celebrates 5 solid years of golf competition in New England, proudly presenting  Safari Boston Golf Club Quinquennial 7  series tournaments circuit beginning in April and ending in October.
  • SBGC acquires Club’s  GHIN handicap active registration Status.
  • Establishes a connection with Take G Down golf club and agrees on an inter club golf competition scheduled for 10/14/2017.
  • Pioneered a golfers family activities fun program. Proposed activities include a brewery visit and Trapology Boston visit. Trapology Boston offers an interactive experience, one where you and your teammates are locked in a thematic environment for 60 minutes with one mission: ESCAPE!
  • Launched Cash app system for members to remit their monthly fees instantly, easily, efficiently & effectively.
  • Members visit to Sam Adams Brewery in March 2017.
  • Implemented an automatic Ghin fee renewal system.
  • Liaised with Boston Medical Center’s golf pilot program and had 5 of our top golfers (namely Pedro Belizaire, Matt Litchfield, Tony Ngari, Nixon Muiruri and Kiruthi Njenga) participate in the golf Pilot program.
  • Became a gold sponsor of Wakenya Pamoja Madaraka Day Community driven event in the month of June.
  • Initiated a pioneering Golf Beginners Delight driving range get together monthly training session .
  • Raised $3200 for Flying Kites charity program


Tony Ngari

President / Commissioner

Safari Boston Golf Club