2016 Season Achievements

2016 Season Achievements

  • Participated in 4 interclub Championships winning one (i.e., Flying Kites Difference Makers Open). Safari sevens in Las Vegas, Uzalendo cup in New York/New Jersey, Flying Kites Difference Makers Open which we won, & Peter Muhia Classic.
  • Hosted Flying Kites Difference Makers open Charity Tournament), contributed funds to Mighty Children Center of Siaya, and participated in Peter Muhia Classic, donating $1600 to charity this year. At SBGC. We believe in values lived not phrases memorized.
  • Acquired a TAX ID# & NGO status.
  • Launched the clubs website.
  • Created & appointed a Board of Governors and tasked the same with the responsibility/duty of steering the club to greatness
  • Got sponsorship for our season ender tournament courtesy of Lascalas restaurant of Randolph.
  • Opened a bank account for Safari Boston Golf Club Santander Bank US – Branch.
  • Grew Membership. Achieved consistently dedicated players showing up for our tournaments.
  • Enhanced image and brand recognition across the country and internationally. We are a very diverse group with Americans, Haitians, Kenyans, Ugandans and many other nationalities. We are an open group and welcome everyone regardless of your affiliation to a particular group to come play and enjoy the game with us. Remember the old adage you need to know someone to join a club, consider yourself knowing SBGC. At SBGC our boundaries are open to you and lots and lots of your friend golfers desperate to play the game. “We don’t have walls, just bridges!”At SBGC, we don’t just play golf, we help golfers have fun and influence the world.
  • First and pioneer live TV video coverage of the diaspora golfers playing under the microscopic eye of the video camera just like they show on golf channel. We continued with the great relationship we have with the media and obtained prominent favorable coverage on Jamhuri Magazine, Jamhuri News, Ajabu africa, Mwakilishi, Samrack, amongst others. We greatly value this awesome relationship and are very thankful. We look fwd to many more great relationships with the media.
  • Introduced golfers in the New England region to Gamebook. Friendz picked up on this after seeing how great the app was. We are glad we taught them something new.
  • Collaborated with other Safari chapters around the country and forged unity of golf here in MA & countrywide.
  • Safari Boston Golf Club is happening. We are all about striving and growing. We never want to have made it: we want to continue making it.
  • We want to continue using the substantial experience gained over the last 6 years in growing the sport and offering added value to diaspora and local golfers across New England.
  • SBGC was not created to fit in. We were created to stand out.


Tony Ngari

President / Commissioner

Safari Boston Golf Club