2015 AGM Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Safari Boston Golf Club


The regular annual general meeting of Safari Boston Golf club duly called and held on 12/05/2015 @Jake & Joe’s restaurant in Norwood MA commencing @3:00 pm. With the approval of the board of directors Tony Ngari, Fred Chege & Francis Kíbugi, Tony Ngari acted as chairman of the meeting and recorded the minutes in the absence of the secretary William Emase.

2.Approval of agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed

3. Approval of minutes The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed

4. Announcements & monthly schedule:

The 2016 season opener was set for the last weekend of April, with the monthly tournament schedule thereafter set for the 2nd weekend of every month commencing in May and ending in October.

It was unanimously agreed that Tee times will continue to be in the early morning hours.

The following are the dates set for the monthly mug tournaments:
April – 04/30/2016, season opener
May – 05/14/2016
June – 06/11/2016
July – 07/09/2016
August 08/13/2016
September 09/10/2016 season ender
October – 10/08/2016

Hereunder are the suggested golf courses unanimously agreed upon by members at the AGM for the 2016 circuit.

Brook Meadow in canton ( use of motorized golf cart required for morning rounds, this will most probably be the season ender’s host golf course)
Glenn Ellen in Millis ( use of motorized golf cart required for morning rounds) Chemawa
Newton Commonwealth golf course
Pembroke country club
Brookline golf course
Olde Scotlande links
Riverbend country club
Ridder farm golf course

5. Handicap scoring:

player link.com, golf digest handicap, Ghin, and golf channel free handicap were all unanimously agreed upon as ways to maintain a handicap.

As a club, we’ll explore registration with GHIN handicap system to understand the requirements needed to be fulfilled in order to register our club with the same and take advantage of a great way to maintain our members handicap scores.

To be eligible to compete for the season’s tournaments, each member will be required to maintain a legitimate handicap score to be forwarded to our secretary William Emase before each tournament. Without a handicap score, the club will revert to the gross score for any member who doesn’t maintain a handicap score for the sake of deciding the monthly mug winner.

6. Commitment to tournaments and recruitments:

Recruitment will be an ongoing process. The club has now come up with the right idea at the right time by introducing an incentive system to reward those who excel at recruiting new members by incorporating a points reward system.

The points will be awarded for recruitments amongst other club activities & achievements, all geared towards helping members earn the Member of Year award.

Here is how you earn Member of the year points:

Playing in tournaments – 40 points
Referring new members – 100 points
Monthly mug winner – 25 points
Attending annual general meeting – 25 points ( all who attended the AGM were awarded 25 points)
Attending charity golf related activities / events – 100 points

7. Interclub competition:

As a club, we believe that there’s added value in working with other similar organizations via collaborative relationship between entities to work toward shared objectives.

In view of the above mentioned, our members are strongly requested to greatly consider participation in the upcoming potential inter club competitions between our club and other golf clubs like Friendz and other Safari golf club chapters around the country.

We are currently working with the Safari Dallas to have a friendly Interclub competition while in Las Vegas for the Safari Sevens golf getaway.

Locally we’ll be working jointly with Friendz towards a joint match play competition sometimes in 2016. Details to be announced in due course.

Tony Ngari, Francis Kíbugi, Fred Chege & William Emase were all appointed to the Board of Governors.

8. Open issues

There were no open issues.

9. New Business

Beginning 2016, Safari Boston will incorporate closest to the pin & longest drive trophies to the monthly schedule on a rotational basis just like we currently do with the net score monthly winner trophy.
10. Agenda for the next meeting

Meanwhile be thinking of any other business for next year’s agenda & feel free to communicate the same to our board.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm by Tony Ngari.

The next general meeting will be at 3:00 pm on 12/03/2016 @ Jake & Joe’s restaurant in Norwood.

Minutes submitted by: Tony Ngari.

Approved by Francis Kíbugi, Freddie Chege, Tony Ngari and all the other members present at the AGM.


Tony Ngari

President / Commissioner

Safari Boston Golf Club