We are so glad you have taken the time to check out who we are and what we do. It is our sincere privilege to lead an amazing group of golfers here at Safari Boston Golf Club in the heart of New England. We love our golfers and our golf fans and firmly believe that the game of golf influences its community. Our intention is to see golfers connect with the community through networking, charity, fun and experience an all rounded golf transformation. A healthy golfing experience builds healthy golfers, and healthy golfers build healthy communities. We are passionate about making a difference in our world, one step at a time.

Safari Boston Golf Club is the fastest growing diaspora golf club with members from diverse communities such as Kenya, USA, Haiti, Singapore, Caribbean, Uganda etc.….. We look forward to the day that one of our country men can join us for a round of golf. President Barack Obama, you got an open invitation to play with us any time, any day of your choice!

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